"Compassion and Restoring a Sense of Humanity" Presented to VII International Symposium on Torture, New Delhi, 1999.

"Hawk and Dove", unfinished short story.

"Is Hope a Skill? Is Compassion a Competence?", in progress.

"Culturally Internalized Trauma: The Normalization of Violent Systems and the Implications of Conflict Resolution without Rehabilitation" Presented to 2ECPCR, October 1994.

"Biogenesis: A Discussion of Basic Social Needs and the Significance of Hope"

"Comparison of Motivations of Two-Post Colonial African States at War: Mozambique and Angola"

"Native America and Tracking Shifts in US Policy"

"Psychoanalytic Theory, Reconciliation and the Guiding Principle"

The 7 Loves, in progress.