Jane McCluskey
Sacramento, CA
A second pair of hands, another head to think through the details, a representative of your goals. As your Personal SacredaryTM, a personal project manager gets the job done the way you would do it. Not your manager, not your servant. Intelligent service to represent you within your own work, Azurewings offers excellent personal assistance to your endeavors, learning and anticipating not just what you wish to accomplish, but how you would do it if you had the time.

If your needs are long term, then Azurewings can provide a regular schedule of commitment towards ongoing service, thereby eliminating the burden of unmet tasks and overdue deadlines: Bookkeeping, filing, client relations, account management, billing, advertising, and general maintenance of the daily tasks of running your home or workplace, not to mention managing a rich personal life schedule, logistical support, errands and a second pair of hands to return emails.

Commitment to excellence does not necessarily mean a contract forever. Sometimes, we need a little extra help at a moment's notice. Speak to us about on-call opportunities.

Because Azurewings has a policy to contract with only clients whose work promotes healthy relations and circumstances, you can be assured that Azurewings is a right fit into your project or program. All work is confidential and treated with care. Allow Azurewings to be your Personal SacredaryTM and align your endeavors with your dreams.

Databases can be easy and fun, if designed correctly. From the beginning, keeping it simple is the key to manageability, flexibility and keeping your costs down. We aren't trying to build a rocket. Let's leave that to scientists. A database can serve you without costing your second mortgage. From a small key contacts records to a more robust project and budget planning, all have thorough attention to the specific needs while utilizing tried and true elements. Most important, we won't leave you in a mystery of how to maintain it. All databases, as well as web sites, created for you include training and ongoing support.

Other computer support includes troubleshooting, training and education, word processing, file maintenance, installation, computer shopping, internet and network connections, and general overall helping you to know it's not your fault.

An entire area of support Azurewings offers is through Innocent Spirit Gardens & Interiors. "Innocent spirits", in Japanese, refers to the beings my friend Koji recognized in one of the gardens I grew and have maintained for several years. Attracted to the healthy and safe atmosphere, the innocent spirits reminded me of my intention for all gardens -- in our hearts as well as our yards -- to be places where we feel safe to play.

To read more about all the supportive services Azurewings has to offer in this realm, visit Innocent Spirit Gardens & Interiors.

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