Many movements start out slowly so we can experience the nuances of foot placement, the subtle directions our body frame takes, and where our intent is focused.
Some movement is very intense. I was fortunate on this day to practice with someone who understands the learning of intensity.

Some Aikido practice involves traditional staffs. We are using the jo below. This practice helps the student to appreciate spacing and extending one's energy without force.
At its root, practicing Aikido is an act of love.
I have been fortunate to learn from many teachers.
Matt Fluty Sensei, Tino Thundereagle, Barbara Azzara, Peter Shapiro Sensei, Linda Holiday Sensei, Ano Shihan Sensei, Koichi Barrish Sensei, Tasaka Shihan Sensei, and in spirit through all these teachers,
Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei.
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