Jane McCluskey
Sacramento, CA
Azurewings offers Events Planning, which includes:
  • Defining the goals and objectives of the client.
  • Indentifying targets.
  • Coordinating logistics, marketing, and attendance.
  • Managing to a budget.
  • Maintaining good relations with guests, vendors and staff.
  • Creating clear and timely reports for event sponsors.

From soup to nuts, no detail is too trivial when it comes to providing your guests with a moment in time that speaks respect, enjoyment and accomplishment. Professional terminology aside, we would enjoy throwing for you an excellent party.

Recently, Azurewings has become the event coordinator for Fratelli Estate, ten acres of organic farmland surrounding a completely restored Victorian mansion, situated in the middle of agricultural lands, entrusted for 100 years to growing food, not concrete. Contact us if you have an event that needs peace, seclusion, and space to breathe.

Under the burden of too much stuff? Space Planning is an excellent way to clear your head, relieve your heart, unburden your body, and show your spirit the "coast is clear" to move forward with your life. Sentimental items in our life take on their own lives when we let them. We can sometimes become victims of our own memories. When we imbue items in our home or workspace with those memories, they can in fact change the course of our lives in most likely stagnating ways.

Space Planning is more than just buying a few more shelves for the closet. It is about reorganizing our thinking and relationship with our immediate environment. If a little more space for love, good relations, abundance and health is what you need, then perhaps a little coached reorganizing your living space is required.

How do we know the garden we design is healthy not only for us, but for the planet as well? Have we considered all the aspects, seen and unseen, that factor into a well-designed garden? Garden design from a feng shui perspective is offered via Innocent Spirit Gardens & Interiors, a consultation practice certified by the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui. Based on classical Chinese feng shui principles, your garden can become not only a place of beauty, but a sanctuary for heart and spirit.
Read more about feng shui services.

Organizational Development on a large scale may include restructuring premises, policy analysis, re-mapping procedures from the top to the bottom, leadership planning, and aligning all aspects of an organization with it's mission and values. On a small scale, maybe that means a brief look into making sure we walk our talk. OD is automatically offered as a part of any professional support service with Azurewings. Whether you are a sole proprietor or an independent office or department in a larger organization, a little OD goes a long way in helping you be more efficient and therefore less burdened.
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