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Azurewings is a small business based on a simple premise -
Do what makes you happy and healthy.

This could mean a lot of things, but commits me to only a few absolutes:

  • Activities employed ensures all people's needs are met, including the need for mutual respect, freedom from fear, and all around mutally beneficial.
  • The work environment is healthy, safe, respectful for all clients, vendors, staff and customers.
  • All relations are conducted with compassion, flexibility, humanity and fairness.
  • Endeavors are conducted with a sense of fun and livelihood and accomplished with a grateful attitude.
Given these principles, the services then are up to the provider's expertise. Herein, you will find a variety of experience and philosophy that seeks to merge life, work, spirit and intention. A while back in time, tt used to be that work and the rest of life were one and the same. It has become a habit of our society to separate "work" from life, thereby making it easy for us as "workers" - laborer and CEOs alike - to separate our good intentions and self respect into two lives, leaving ourselves open to splits.

With Azurewings, you are employing humans, who will remain human and bring all the commitment one has towards family, gardens, and other sacred aspects of life to yours.

Your work, your life, is important. Azurewings is here to support you.

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Jane A. McCluskey, Azurewings, (c) 2009