Jane McCluskey
Sacramento, CA
Azurewings offers a variety of facilitating practices, for individuals, groups and couples. Facilitation is literally "the process of making things easy":

Meeting facilitation: Coming together as a group to sort out differences, find common ground and make decisions can be done without a moderator or third party assistance. But then whom would you blame when things go wrong? While having a facilitator might be nice when everything is going, they sure come in handy when you need someone to throw a paper airplane at. You think I'm joking. We know gathering 10-20 people to make a decision in one or two days can be overwhelming, and in some cases impossible to think about. Azurewings bring a process of problem solving that retains the primary goals while ensuring all participants' contributions are factored in. A basic human needs approach to problem solving can short circuit even the most contested of problems.

Family mediation: Compassionate, extended-listening form of mediation aims to not only assist family members to solve their immediate puzzles, but to leave them with a memory of their best self with whom they solve future issues.

Conciliation: Sometimes, coming to meet with someone is premature. We are not ready, not prepared to speak our truth nor hear the truth from the other. Conciliation is a specific form of counselling. No doctors. No psychological tests or gimmicks. Conciliation is about remembering who you really are, how you wanted to act, and retaining that when you engage with another.

Education and training: Facilitating new ideas and learning circles is a new endeavor for Azurewings. Classes in all areas mentioned on this web site are available for scheduling. While we would like to be in business for along while, which in some economies means creating a dependence on a consultant, what is more important for this society is mutual interdependence, meaning, the more we share, the more there are people who can share with others. Our goal in Facilitating is to work ourselves out of a job. In that case, we'll go fishing.

Coordination and staffing: While even planning is fun, conducting the event can be a different set of skills. Azurewings is available to staff and be on-site coordinator to ensure activities occur for people as planned.

Communications: A large part of Azurewings service is about contacting the public, maintaining good relations with clients and customers, bringing in new friends we haven't met yet. A dedicated email service and development of a web presence is an assumed standard for most services with Azurewings.

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Jane A. McCluskey, Azurewings, (c) 2009